Fix for XP "Limited" User account sign-on problem

XP User accounts with a "Limited" privilege level will not remember passwords with the S4F system. In order to correct this problem you have to follow the steps below.

(You will be making a change to your Windows registry. It is recommended that you have a back up copy of your Windows registry, or an established registry restore point before you perform this procedure)

1. Log on to a User account that has Administrative access.

2. Opened up the Registry Editor - To do this go to Start/Run and type in regedit.exe

3. Navigated to the following key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\S4F

4. Right-click on this key and selected "Permissions" from the content menu.

5. Under the "Groups and User names" section click the "Add" button.

6. This opens a "Select User or Groups" window, enter the "Limited" account name you want to have log-on permission and press "OK".

7. Then modify the "Limited" account to have "Full Control" rights. Just select the "Limited" account name in the "Group or User names" section. Then check the "Full Control" checkbox under the allow column.

8. Clicked "OK", and close the Registry Editor.

9. Reboot and log on to your "Limited" account and you should not have to log on to the HB Filtering.